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Wine Country Sushi Experience

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

“I love sushi” that’s what I hear from most people I talk to. I usually respond with, “what’s your favorite?”...and you guessed it. The California roll, of course. In a sense, I welcome that response. I take it as an opportunity to share with them my story. From how I began, Wine Country Sushi Experience with assisting the sushi chef. To becoming the sushi chef, and soon training and mentoring others. Which brings me to today. Teaching aspiring home cooks from all levels of experience, in the art of wine country sushi.

We at Sushimotos have been hosting Wine Country Sushi Experiences throughout the North Bay area including Napa, Sonoma, and the San Francisco Bay area. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching our locals and guests from all over the world; from a couple looking for a fun and tasty wine country experience, to the group of coworkers looking for a team building activity. Every class has its own different element and energy. We invite you to do something different while visiting the wine country...put the cheese and crackers aside. Join in the fun with a wine country sushi experience, with your host Sushimotos!

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