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It’s funny how the weather can rapidly change. Summer is in full bloom with fresh garden tomatoes, summer cucumbers, fresh basil, beans, eggplant, summer squashes and all the other garden goodies summer bestows upon us.

Then suddenly the nights get colder, and the days become shorter. The vineyard leaves chance color and then slowly become dormant.

I love this transition. It’s a reminder as a chef to start thinking about seasonal menu change. Comfort food is upon us! Braised pot roast, roasted pork shoulder, grilled lamb chops, roasted duck with sweet potatoes puree, house made bacon wrapped meatloaf. I could go on and on.

So at Sushimotos we begin to transform our menus for our guest. As private chefs that cater to companies like Inspirato, Beautiful places, Lux living we love the challenge of keeping things revolving and seasonal.

Look for our new seasonal menus and reach out to your favorite concierge for a great dining experience.

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