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What is a mobile sushi bar you ask?  When you go to your favorite sushi spot and pony up at the bar, you sit in front of the sushi chef who standing behind the refrigerated sushi case.  This is to showcase the fresh fish, assortment, and highlight his/her skills working behind the bar.  The chef’s skills are a direct reflection on who he or she is as a sushi chef.  

We at Sushimotos want to bring our sushi restaurant to you.  In your home, office, vacation rental, vineyard, cellar, hanger, favorite outdoor space, anywhere.  Let our chefs showcase the skills they have earned over time, and make your next party a real experience for you and your guests.  Imagine your guest's reaction when they arrive only to see a sushi bar in your house, with the sushi chef behind it ready to please.


Let us customize a menu for your needs.  You can choose between sashimi, nigiri, and our creative selection of rolls.  All prices are based on the menu selection.    


We charge a $175/ flat fee to set up the live bar.  Because every guest is different, all price quotes are custom tailored.  Our chefs can walk you through menu options and will provide a "menu price per person" quote, free of charge.  We do require a minimum of 72-hour notice for the live sushi bar set up and a minimum deposit of $1,500.00 to do a live bar party.  Let us rock your next event with a live sushi bar set up in your favorite space, contact us today!  Domo Arigato!!!  

Chef Ed and Keo.



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