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Eating with the Seasons

Written by Chef Keo Xayavong

I enjoy eating with the seasons because of the abundance  and freshness that comes along with locally sourced products, not to mention the benefits of taking in the nutritional values of the produce at its prime. Here in Sonoma County (besides the PG&E power shut offs), we don’t have the problems of lack of refrigeration that is so widespread in Asia. Particularly in Southeast Asia where I’m from. Back in the Land Locked Country of Laos, the people are pretty much forced to eat what is sourced locally and seasonally available at the outdoor markets. What is sold and bought at the market is cooked and eaten the same day, because a majority of the population does not have access to refrigeration. This is how I approach my food and style of cooking. I look at my ingredients and find ways to enjoy them at peak freshness. Besides harvesting from my garden, twice a week I head out to my local farmers market. Talk to the farmers and growers and come home with my load of goodness. Often I’m not available to get ingredients for particular dishes and that’s what makes my style of fusion cooking interesting, by utilizing what I call “New World Ingredients” yet cooking it with the “old school” tradition & techniques. After all, we’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds. But don’t get me wrong, there's nothing like going with recipes which date back hundreds of years. I truly look forward to sharing my food with you, Cheers!

Thank you,

Chef Keo Xayavong

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