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Wine Country Culinary Team Building

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

If there is one thing we are passionate about its teaching sushi classes for wine country culinary team building. We have taught over 72 classes and its always a joy to educate our followers on proper sushi etiquette and how to properly make everything from sushi rice to rolls.

Based in Sonoma, in the heart of wine country, we have a niche for attracting foodies and wine aficionados. Although the term "Foodie" may seem overused, it generally refers to people who love to eat delicious food.

So naturally, we love to host our wine country culinary team building in our own backyard. We have access to teaching at wineries, tasting rooms, culinary centers, and even Airbnb homes and platforms.

Sushi education is something that has been an early passion of mine from the first time I made a sushi roll. As I knew nothing about sushi until my first sushi experience in Venice Beach, Ca. It changed my whole culinary outlook. Growing up cooking in my family restaurants at age 15 then attending culinary school and traveling to Copenhagen Denmark to work in Michelin starred kitchens. So I kinda consider myself a "Foodie" he he.... .