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My career has taken me all over the world. Working in Denmark, Copenhagen, Hawaii, Tahoe, SF, and wine country. I was fortunate enough to land in Sonoma, Ca where I opened Shiso in 2006. I have an 11-year-old son, named Maiko of course:) he is the joy of my life. 

Of the four restaurants that I have opened, I have designed the interior space of them all. I love the aesthetics and flow of how a restaurant can operate. Living in Denmark made a big impact on my eye for design and simplistic clean lines.  Every space of mine has been unique in its own way. 

Restaurants are a very challenging business as any business is. For more quality of life, I recently gave up the brick and mortar for catering and teaching. The birth of Sushimotos catering has been fun, challenging and very rewarding.  Having more time with my son is key to my quality of life.  

~ Chef Edward Metcalfe ~


About Us

Chef Edward Metcalfe

My passion for food started at a young age.  Following my Italian mom in the kitchen at age 7 and learning the basics.  By age 9 she had bought me my first cook book titled: Foods of The World

I had by age 9 fixed my parents a four course Chinese dinner.  The cookbook was a collaboration of several different countries.  Of which I gravitated to the Asian side.   Later in life I turned my passion into a career.  I am proud to say I have owned 3 different restaurants and had the opportunity to learn Japanese cuisine living and working in Copenhagen Denmark.  This left a hug impact on my path to becoming a chef.  The question was not becoming a chef but rather what type of chef do I want to be.  The Japanese chefs I learned were very much like the European chefs in the simple fact that they believe in simplicity on the plate.  Not confusing the palette with too many flavors.   So Japanese cuisine has been a part of my career for a better part of 17 years.  With what I have learned I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  I love seeing the excitement of one’s face for making something for the first time.  It’s part of the process of becoming a better cook or chef.

Chef Keo Xayavong

Growing up with food as the core of every family function. Keo Xayavong developed the love of cooking early on, and began his career at the age of 10 roasting quail for his grandfather. He has a passion for his ethnic southeast asian cuisine. Particularly Laotian, Thai & Vietnamese.  

Beginning in 2006 chef Keo fell in love with the sushi world. He continues to develop his skills through various professional kitchens, and is very passionate on sharing his knowledge with others.  As an avid gardener, sustainability and locally grown products is what makes up much of Chef Keo's cuisine.


“My favorite ways to cook is to incorporate new world ingredients with old school techniques” ~ Chef Keo Xayavong


Experience Sushimoto

Sonoma Valley Sushi and Poke Party

We invite you to a winery lounge nestled in the charming wine region of Kenwood. Only 20 min drive from downtown Sonoma or a 15 min drive from Santa Rosa. We specially chose this location for the wines and food pairing. Séamus tasting lounge is where we will teach our class in the winter months. We will demonstrate some of the dishes I have perfected on my restaurant's menu. I will demo step by step how to create unique sushi with fresh high quality tuna, salmon , Hamachi and other species of fish. We will pair each bite with wine to complement the meal's flavors. Along the way, I will teach about different types of Tuna species and why Blue-fin, Big-eye and yellowfin tuna is distinctively different from all other fish on the market. I will include recipes and methods for you to continue practicing yourself at home. It's how I was able to learn and I hope to share my love with the rest of the world.

SouthEast Asian Farm To Table Meal

We will start in our personal garden and pick the ingredients to make our Southeast Asian menu. Along the way, we'll also talk and learn about each ingredient that makes our dishes special to Southeast Asian cuisine. Each guest will have a hands on learning experience which will be tailored to your learning desires. From fresh Rice paper spring rolls, to a great ceviche ,soups and salads. Like Southeast Asia, menu items will change with the seasons. We will indulge in our making of these simple but complex dishes as we sip local wine and enjoy our surrounding of the garden. Based in the wine country ( Sonoma, Ca) we have teamed up with local winemakers to tailor wine fit for our cuisine. We love Scribe winery Riesling along with other local wine to pair with our creations. We will talk in depths about the importance of healthy eating and having local fresh ingredients. Finish with a tour of a local Sonoma hot spot for good wines, shops and little hidden treasures.


Mobile Sushi Bar

What is a mobile sushi bar you ask?  When you go to your favorite sushi spot and pony up at the bar, you sit in front of the sushi chef who standing behind the refrigerated sushi case.  This is to showcase the fresh fish, assortment, and highlight his/her skills working behind the bar.  The chef’s skills are a direct reflection on who he or she is as a sushi chef.  

We at Sushimotos want to bring our sushi restaurant to you.  In your home, office, vacation rental, vineyard, cellar, hanger, favorite outdoor space, anywhere.  Let our chefs showcase the skills they have earned over time, and make your next party a real experience for you and your guests.  Imagine your guest's reaction when they arrive only to see a sushi bar in your house, with the sushi chef behind it ready to please.


Let us customize a menu for your needs.  You can choose between sashimi, nigiri, and our creative selection of rolls.  All prices are based on the menu selection.    


We charge a $175/ flat fee to set up the live bar.  Because every guest is different, all price quotes are custom tailored.  Our chefs can walk you through menu options and will provide a "menu price per person" quote, free of charge.  We do require a minimum of 72-hour notice for the live sushi bar set up and a minimum deposit of $1,500.00 to do a live bar party.  Let us rock your next event with a live sushi bar set up in your favorite space, contact us today!  Domo Arigato!!!  


Chef Ed and Keo.



sushi platters and take out menu

Sushi platters

40pc platter ( feeds 2-3) – 2 Cali roll, spicy tuna roll, cucumber and avocado rolls, salmon roll, Veggie roll -  $49

64 pc. Platter ( feeds 3-4) - 2 Cali rols, 2 spicy tuna rolls, 2 salmon avocado rolls, 1 veggie futomaki roll, 1 cucumber and 1 avocado roll - $64

96 pc. Platters ( feeds 5-6) - 2 Cali rolls, 2 spicy tuna rolls, 1 rainbow roll, 2 salmon avocado rolls, ,  2 hamachi cucumber rolls.2 veggie futomaki rolls, 2 cucumber  rolls -  $108


Assorted Rolls And Sashimi

45pc. ( feed 2-3) - 1 cali, 1 spicy tuna, 1 salmon roll, 1 hamachi , avo roll,  4 pcs tuna, 3pcs Hamachi, 3pcs salmon 3 pcs albacore - $60

67pc ( feeds 3-4) - 2 cali rols, 2 spicy tuna rolls, 2 salmon avocado rolls, 1 veggie futomaki roll,4 pc tuna, 4 pc salmon, 3 pc albacore, 3 pc Hamachi, 3pc tako ( octopus) 3pc hotatgai (scallop) - $98


Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are designed by nature for portion control, healthy eating and a great balanced meal.  Individual Sushi Bento box options are designed for lunch or dinner.  Perfect for a picnic, on the go,  wine tour, office lunch, and any other outing or event.

All Bento Boxes include steamed edamame, seaweed salad, pickled cucumbers, fresh fruit, roll or protein of choice.
Wasabi, ginger and soy sauce.  Chopsticks.  Napkins.

Basic Roll Bento Box - 8 pc. California roll or Spicy Tuna roll, steamed edamame, seaweed salad, pickled cucumbers, orange slices - $18

Gourmet Roll Box - Rainbow roll or Carneros roll (spicy tuna, cucumbers, topped with albacore, avocado, green onions. Ponzu ) - $26

Sashimi Bento Box - 8 pc with shredded Daikon and shiso leaf, Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, Albacore tuna - $26

Deluxe Sashimi Bento Box - 13 pc. with shredded Daikon and shiso.  Tuna, salmon, Hamachi, mackerel, Albacore, Shima Aji - $31

Special Notes - all sushi rolls are made with real crab, no imitation so if you have shellfish allergies please note this. 

ask us about seasonal and specialty fish / seafood

Minimum order is 15 boxes or 1 platter.  Large orders of 12 or more need a 48-hour request.  Pick up times can be 10 or 11am. 



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